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We accept firearms transfers from online gun sales. In order to accept a transfer we need the FFL of the dealer transferring the firearm in to the store. Most of the time this will be in the package when the gun arrives but it is the responsibility of the customer accepting the transfer to make sure the dealer knows what is required to complete a legal transfer. Transfer fees are $25.00 per firearm you are having transferred in. There is also a $10.00 background check on top of this. For more information on firearms transfers please contact us at the store during regular business hours.

We also accept class 3 transfers. This is for the transfer of suppressors, SBR’s, and full auto weapons. A class 3 transfer is $100.00 per class 3 item. This does NOT include the $200.00 fee you must pay to the ATF in order to apply for legal possession of the class three item.